淚之高原 Altiplano 


彼得‧布洛森Peter BROSENS, 西卡‧伍德沃斯Jessica WOODWORTH 

Belgium, Netherlands, Germany│2009│35mm│Colour│109’

2009坎城影展 / 2009曼谷電影節最佳影片




War photographer renounces her profession after an incident in Iraq. She sets out on a journey of mourning to the high Andes where her husband is killed in a riot. A local woman loses her fiancé to the mercury contamination. She takes drastic measures to against the violations towards their village. Altiplano is a lyrical and probing film about our divided but inextricably linked world.


7/05() 中山 13.00

7/10() 新三 21.30

7/14() 總督 11.00





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