片刻暖和 Sleeping with Her


溫知儀WEN Chih Yi


2009金馬獎最佳創作短片 / 2010鹿特丹影展




You can throw excess food away or eat it up. However, what should you do with the love more than you can bear? Neither Titisi nor Grandma has any idea.



《Happy Ending》 

Happy Ending


張瑋真Wei-chen CHANG

Taiwan2009Digital FormatColour26’


年近古稀的孤單老人似乎迷上了十九歲的洗頭妹,不但天天找她洗頭,還幫她購買產品。老人的兒子發覺事情有異,展開調查,進而發現父親晚年的秘密。最後的結果,對父子來說會是happy ending嗎? 


Shampooing could be fatal! Chu gets obsessed with the warmth and the touches of young hairdresser Cyndi. His son finds something fishy about Chu's last days and starts the investigation.




時代照相館Time Lapse  trailerbar2.jpg


林冠慧Zoé LIN

Taiwan2009Digital FormatColour30’




Old man says, “I’ve told the story of my whole life.” Young men say, “Our stories just begin” but feel lost and insecure. Their paths come across in a crumbling photography studio.






針尖上的天使 The Angel on a Needle-Point  trailerbar2.jpg


吳米森WU Mi-sen

Taiwan2009Digital FormatColour19’




“Whoever lies shall swallow a thousand needles”, she told me. I realized that we would live our lives on the needlepoint, and there would be no room to stretch out.




6/30() 新三 14.40 (導演或影人出席映後或映前座談)  

7/04() 新三 13.20 (導演或影人出席映後或映前座談) 



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