牽阮的手Hand in Hand


顏蘭權YEN Lan-chuan, 莊益增JUANG Yi-Tzeng

Taiwan│2010│Digital Format│Colour│140’




What could the tough-looking Mrs. TIAN fall prey to? You’ll never guess. Not the Martial Law, but love! This documentary deals with the love story between Dr. TIAN and Ms. TIAN in the 60s. This film is a symphony of bitterness, sweetness, difficulty, and simplicity in life and presents how the epoch influences humble people, and how humble people keep their faith and love.


6/25() 新三 13.00 ★(導演或影人出席映後或映前座談)

7/07() 新三 15.20 ★(導演或影人出席映後或映前座談)



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