麥可諾亞Michael NOER, 托比亞斯林賀姆Tobias LINDHOLM


2010鹿特丹影展競賽單元 / 2010哥特堡影展最佳影片




R is serving a sentence for violent assault. R is reduced to a number, a letter, just another inmate. The prison is a parallel world filled with rules, honor, and debts; in which bars cover the windows, blood stains the floor. R is placed in the most hardcore ward. Here he must find his place in the system, learn to navigate, and fight for survival.


6/30() 中山 16.30 ★(導演或影人出席映後或映前座談)

7/02() 新二 10.00 ★(導演或影人出席映後或映前座談)




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