搖滾我還要 Do It Again


羅伯派頓史普歐Robert PATTON-SPRUILL

USA│2010│Digital Format│Colour│88’



年屆不惑之年的中年記者,在自己四十歲生日之前突發奇想,要讓最鍾愛的英倫傳奇搖滾天團The Kinks重新復合。他抱起攝影機,尋訪這一個曾使英式搖滾勁旅OasisBlur奉為大師樂團的音樂歷程,要向資本主義宣告搖滾精神不死。英倫搖滾巨星史汀,加上《戀夏500日》甜姊兒柔伊黛絲香奈特別跨刀現身,以示對The Kinks的熱情著迷。


It is a quest. Geoff EDGERS, a newspaper reporter decides to take a most improbable leap. He sets out to find the still-surviving members of the long dormant British rock band, the Kinks to convince them to reunite. He’s told his mission is hopeless. By the time EDGERS gets to London, he’s ready to confront his heroes. Are they ready for him?


6/27() 新三 15.30 

6/29() 新三 15.30 

7/10() 新三 10.00



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