柯波拉之家族秘辛 Tetro


法蘭西斯‧福特‧柯波拉Francis Ford COPPOLA

USA, Italy, Spain, Argentina│2009│35mm│Colour, B&W│123’

2009坎城影展 / 2010鹿特丹影展




A young man arrives in Buenos Aires to search for a brother who has been missing for over ten years. When he finds his older brother, the melancholy poet 'Tetro,' he is not at all what he expected. In the course of staying with Tetro and his girlfriend, they re-live the haunting experiences of the shared past and a terrible secret is revealed.


7/04() 中山 19.30

7/10() 新二 20.20


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2010第十二屆台北電影節Taipei Film Festival

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